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                                                                                Paris and Montréal-based company founded in 2016

With the success of his music group maan on the moon, John raays launched his music label redroll station in parallel to his artistic career.


Red roll station is at the intersection of music and film production.


In addition to his own professional career, John raays' goal is to make his label a force to be reckoned with in the music production, film, television and advertising industries.


The label works closely with international artists and television stations.


Visionary his empire extends internationally.

Don't miss the station boarded all its adventures.


Artist :  Aya Nakamura - Bigflo&Oli - Jennifer Paige - Matt Houston - Mosimann - Hugel - and  More


Label :  Warner Music Group - Sony Music - Parlophone - Play Two - Blanco y Negro 


TV :  Free Ligue 1 UberEats - 6Play Groupe M6 TELEVISION (FRANCE)


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