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« Roc Scan is the timeless voice navigating between the past, present, and future. His eclectic music, paired with a distinctive robotic tone, transcends boundaries as he travels through time and space. This man of many faces scans and captures emotions, urging you to be ahead of your time »
Cover Original - Moonlight in Paris - John Raays, Roc Scan.jpg
Cover Remix - Moonlight in Paris - John Raays Remix.png

Official Trailer, Moonlight in Paris

During Paris Fashion Week, a ring adorned with precious stones vanishes. The victim? A young American star, robbed in her hotel room. Who are the culprits? Men masquerading as policemen.

Enter a hitman, portrayed by actor Ben Brada, and the producer John Raays. Together, they track down the criminals hiding in the French provinces and successfully recover the priceless ring.

But what comes next? Will the star seek revenge? Does a gang war erupt?

Immerse yourself in the enthralling narrative of "Moonlight in Paris" and let the story take you away.

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