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ROC SCAN - LOGO (John Raays).png
Cover Original - Moonlight in Paris - John Raays, Roc Scan.jpg

Between past, present and future, Roc Scan is the voice that navigates between eras.

With his eclectic music and his robotic voice, he crosses the spheres.    

Traveling through time and space.

The man of many faces scans emotions. 

Be ahead of your time.

Cover Remix - Moonlight in Paris - John Raays Remix.png

Official Trailer 
Moonlight in Paris
[Coming Soon]

Synopsis :

A ring set with precious stones has disappeared

We are during the Paris Fashion Week


A young American star is robbed in her hotel room


The perpetrators of this crime?

Men disguised as policemen


A hitman - played by actor Ben Brada and producer John Raays

finds the criminals in the French province

They succeed in recovering the priceless ring


Revenge of the star?

Gang war?


Let yourself be carried away in the story told by Moonlight in Paris

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